Wire Up Ellipsoid Head Lights Using PnP Harnesses
So you've installed your new head lights, but oddly enough you'd like them to light up instead of just looking pretty? Wiring them up with plug and play harnesses is really simple, especially if you're only wiring up the low and high beams, slightly less so if you want to wire up DDE halos or city lights too. Worst case the only tools you need to have are pliers to push together the quick splice connectors.

You will need the following for wiring up DDE/city lights only:
- 3M Quick Splice connectors (included with PnP harnesses) and pliers
- soldering iron, solder and tape/heat shrink

The PnP harness wires connect to the circular connector on the back of the head light in this pattern:
#1 - 12 o'clock - brown (ground 12v-)
#2 - 3 o'clock - grey (parking light / DDE 12v+)
#3 - 6 o'clock - yellow (low beam 12v+)
#4 - 9 o'clock - white (high beam 12v+)

Alternate PnP harness colors:
#1 - 12 o'clock - black (ground 12v-)
#2 - 3 o'clock - white (parking light / DDE 12v+)
#3 - 6 o'clock - green (low beam 12v+)
#4 - 9 o'clock - red (high beam 12v+)

To wire up ellipsoid headlights with plug and play harnesses, simply plug the indivual wires in to the back of the head light in the order listed above. You may need to double check the shape of the connector compared to the picture below to referrence the pin positions as Depo randomly rotates the connector 90deg or 180 deg clockwise for no apparent reason. Connect your stock low and high beam connectors to the matching sockets on the harness and you're done. Note that if you have upgraded your low beam bulbs to HID, the low beam plug will plug in to the HID ballast and only the high beam plug will connect to the harness.

The city lights (small W5w/T10 wedge bulbs located in the high beam reflectors, used as parking lights on Euro spec cars) are completely optional to wire up. If you don't want them to light up, simply tape the grey wire out of way and ignore it. If you do want to wire up the city lights or you have DDE halos installed in your head lights that are wired to the city light wiring, continue reading below.

The city lights or DDE halos can either be wired just to the parking light wires or you can use the relay harness to also have them turn on when you unlock your car via keyless entry or via any switched 12V+ source. For the simple version, just tap the grey wires in to the grey/violet and grey/yellow wires behind the turnsignals.

To use the relay harness, splice the long red wires on the relay harness to the grey wires on the plug and play harnesses. Tap the red/blue wire, that runs to the passenger side headlight on the relay harness, to the grey/violet wire behind the passenger side turn signal. For the "remote-on" feature, which is completely optional, tap the other red/blue relay harness in to the positive wire on one of the interior lights. Connect the large black relay harness wire to the ground post on the passenger side strut tower and connect the large yellow (possibly red) wire to the positive post (under a black plastic cover with a red "+") near the passenger side strut tower.

Head Light Socket